MyOnlineAccount is an online platform where it will give you a brief summary of your account and you will also see your current balance and payment status including the date and time. Recent transactions that have posted to your account will be available and pending activity as well as current activity links are available directly from within your member portal. You will be able to use your card where Visa or MasterCard is and you can also use your account to transfer money to others with a Green Dot Card or pay bills online fee-free. will also help manage your card which will allow you to get account services where you can get message alerts, review your card private policy, receive card statement, report your card activity or lost card and you have the ability to change your info, password. You can use it by making payment at a specific store and to send payment at the bank. It can be used anywhere and anytime where you can also pay bills over the phone (automated touch-tone bill payment service).